10 and Under Program

The more fun kids have by being able to rally right from the start, the more they will play and the faster they will learn. This is the key to 10 and Under Tennis. It's an exciting new way to learn and play tennis, designed specifically for kids.

Shorter, lighter racquets, slower and lower-bouncing balls, smaller court dimensions and modified scoring are tailored to the age and size of the child.  10 and Under Tennis enables kids to begin playing much sooner so they can learn the strategy and tactics of tennis while playing matches in a way that is enjoyable and rewarding.

The majority of youth sports have followed this formula for years, from smaller bats for baseball to shortened playing surfaces and smaller balls for basketball and soccer.  In tennis, the general rule of thumb is that kids ages 8 and under should play with racquets up to 23" and RED foam and felt balls; 9-10 year olds should play with racquets between 23"-25" and ORANGE balls; and 11 years old and older play with racquets 25" and up and GREEN Dot balls.  A standard size is racquet is 27" and the standard tennis ball is YELLOW.  You will likely hear 10 & Under tennis programs and tournaments also called ROGY, this stands for Red, Orange, Green, Yellow -- the progession identified above.

Now with 10 and Under Tennis/ROGY, kids will have immediate success which leads to greater confidence, more enthusiastic play and faster progress…all while having more fun!